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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate shipping fee?

We will calculate the shipment charges based on either the actual or volumetric weight, whichever is the greater
(A)Actual Weight: physical weight in kilogram, including outer packaging of the shipment
(B)Volumetric weight: the cubic measurement (cm³) [Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)] of the outer carton divided by 5000
You can use our Shipping Charge Calculator to estimate the shipping charge.

Is tax & duty included in the shipping charge?

There is no customs tariff in Hong Kong, the basic shipping charge does not include tax & duties.
But we will provide tax included option as (Deliver Duty Paid) option and tax excluded option as (Deliver Duty Unpaid) different Asian destinations.
You can simply using our tax & duty calculator to calculate the tax required for your destination by slecting the category of goods and the value of the product.

What kind of product we can ship?

We are able to ship the product as long as it is not prohibited Item or exceeding the size limit.
Please refer to our prohibited Item list or click here to check the size restrictions of our overseas warehouses.

Will the overseas warehouse refuse to receive the parcel?

Under normal circumstances, we won't reject the parcel. Unless for the following circumstances:
Unsettled fee or tax of the parcel which requires our warehouse to pre-pay to receive it.
The size or weight of the parcel is exceeded our warehouse size restriction.

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